last changeThu, 16 Feb 2012 14:51:50 +0000 (20:21 +0530)
2012-02-16 Prabindh SundaresonFixed bug in imgstream - deleting textureObject before... master dm3730-2ch-working-colorpattern
2012-02-15 Prabindh Sundaresondm3730-working v3dfx-base with 2 buffers
2012-02-15 Prabindh Sundaresonbugfix - removal of wrong paCount increment working-dm3730-v3dfx-base-2bufs
2012-02-15 Prabindh Sundaresonbugfix in bool value return check from set_texture...
2012-02-15 Prabindh Sundaresonfixed bugs in null check in imgstream
2012-02-15 Prabindh Sundaresondont need GLchar redefinition with new DDK headers
2012-02-15 Prabindh Sundaresonfixed eglimage compilation with real code after using...
2012-02-15 Prabindh Sundaresonpulled in real code from v3dfx
2012-02-14 Prabindh Sundaresonupdated README
2012-02-14 Prabindh Sundaresonadded eglimage (untested) api and tests
2012-02-14 Prabindh SundaresonAdded phys address queing logic in imgstream class
2012-02-14 Prabindh Sundaresoncleaned up main call
2012-02-14 Prabindh Sundaresonadded documentation dm3730_working_cleanedup test8_working_dm3730-docs-update
2012-02-14 Prabindh Sundaresonfirst working test8 on dm3730 2.6.37 + SDK test8_working_dm3730
2012-02-13 Prabindh Sundaresonseparated api core library build
2012-02-13 Prabindh Sundaresonremoving .o
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4 years ago dm3730_working_cleanedup
4 years ago test8_working_dm3730-docs-update
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