last changeSun, 11 Mar 2012 01:35:39 +0000 (17:35 -0800)
2012-03-11 Dustin DorrohAdded functionality to the keyboard. Moved all keyboard... master
2012-03-10 Dustin DorrohAdded some interrupt utility functions and a reboot...
2012-03-10 Dustin DorrohAdded some comments and tidied up a some of the code.
2012-03-09 Dustin DorrohScript to mount the grub image via loopback
2012-03-09 Dustin DorrohAdded a small program that simply executes the asm...
2012-03-09 Dustin DorrohAdded files that the script generates to...
2012-03-09 Dustin DorrohRemoved execute flag from
2012-03-09 Dustin DorrohAdded script to help with installing files into the...
2012-03-09 Dustin DorrohAdded autogeterated autotools files to gitignore.
2012-03-09 Dustin DorrohRemoved auto generated files.
2012-03-08 Dustin DorrohAdded -m32 compile flag to the testbuddy target
2012-03-08 Dustin DorrohMade executable
2012-03-08 Dustin DorrohAdded autogen script.
2012-03-08 Dustin DorrohChanged target flags to always build for i386 regardles...
2012-03-08 Dustin DorrohMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-08 Dustin DorrohCleaned up comments for src/buddy.c
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