last changeThu, 10 Dec 2009 20:30:49 +0000 (21:30 +0100)
2009-12-10 Pablo Martinfixed arrow drawing. master
2008-12-04 Pablo Martinfix model tests to use external metamodel package.
2008-12-04 Pablo Martinremoved metamodel from pygraph package (moved to delcor...
2008-12-04 Pablo Martincopy-paste fix.
2008-12-04 Pablo Martinadded license and authors file.
2008-12-04 Pablo Martinmessed up refactoring (left one use of graph :P).
2008-12-04 Pablo Martinseparated model and metamodel.
2008-12-04 Pablo Martinsome minor tweaks to example graph model.
2008-12-04 Pablo Martinadding builtby consistency enforcing for the metaclass...
2008-12-04 Pablo Martinadding class properties to know which model classes...
2008-12-03 Pablo Martinadded application part to the metamodel drawing.
2008-12-03 Pablo Martinadded a base class for views based on metamodel.
2008-12-03 Pablo Martinsome improvements and fixes on base model implementatio...
2008-11-19 Pablo Martinsome changes in metamodel graph.
2008-11-19 Pablo Martinmetamodel-model diagram.
2008-11-19 Pablo Martinadvances in a powerful base model for pygraph.
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