last changeSun, 7 May 2006 07:45:54 +0000 (07:45 +0000)
2006-05-07 aaronkaplanupdate latest known pilot-link version master origin version_1_109
2006-05-07 aaronkaplanTiny doc change for 1.109
2006-05-06 aaronkaplanBump version number
2006-05-03 aaronkaplanRemove CVS revision number from $PilotMgr::VERSION...
2006-05-02 aaronkaplanDelete comment with outdated version number and date
2006-05-01 aaronkaplan*** empty log message ***
2006-05-01 aaronkaplanRename complain() to spcomplain() to eliminate a perl...
2006-05-01 aaronkaplanNo longer maintain a version number separa...
2006-03-19 aaronkaplanFix the call to Encode::FB_CROAK for real this time.
2006-03-19 aaronkaplanAdd 'Debug' to extended arguments (Ralf Schlatterbeck)
2006-03-19 aaronkaplanAdd a second argument to idHook: the pilot record for...
2006-03-19 aaronkaplanCopy values of a hash into an array before iterating...
2006-03-19 aaronkaplanvaluesDiffer instead of recsDiffer (Ralf Schlatterbeck)
2006-03-19 aaronkaplanPut an & in front of Encode::FB_CROAK to avoid strict...
2006-01-23 aaronkaplanMore informative warning message when a pilot appointme...
2006-01-22 aaronkaplanDeclare VERSION as 'our' so that conduits can see it.
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