last changeSat, 22 May 2010 12:01:38 +0000 (13:01 +0100)
2010-05-22 Chris LordImplement lives and a game-over state master
2010-05-22 Chris LordAdd framework and display for scoring/lives
2010-05-21 Chris Lordmain: Add 'ready' message before game-start
2010-05-20 Chris Lordmain: Add a logo to the toolbar
2010-05-20 Chris Lordstyle: Add a stylesheet and menu background
2010-05-20 Chris Lordmain: Add a simple game menu
2010-05-20 Chris Lordbuild: Use $(CC) instead of clang
2010-03-26 Chris LordUpdate for new Mx API
2010-03-10 Chris Lord[edge-aa] Simplified and commented
2010-03-10 Chris Lord[edge-aa] Make the blurring less harsh
2010-03-09 Chris Lordmain: Make AA type configurable via envvar
2010-03-09 Chris Lordedge-aa: Correct the algorithm
2010-03-09 Chris LordMerge branch 'master' into edge-aa
2010-03-09 Chris LordImplement killing enemies
2010-03-08 Chris LordUse new MxOffscreen cogl-program property
2010-03-08 Chris Lord[maze] Make grid/pill drawing pixel-aligned
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