last changeWed, 2 Jun 2010 13:02:11 +0000 (14:02 +0100)
2010-06-02 Thomas WoodAllow the buttons to be at their natural size master
2010-06-01 Thomas WoodDon't force a height/width on the scrollbars
2010-04-08 Thomas WoodAdd a toggle button and check button
2010-04-07 Thomas WoodAdd copyright header
2010-04-01 Thomas WoodSet the scrollbar height to 22 pixels
2010-04-01 Thomas WoodAdd a vertical scroll bar
2010-04-01 Thomas WoodAdd a combo box to set and change the pseudo-states...
2010-04-01 Thomas WoodUpdate the progress of the progress bar based on the...
2010-04-01 Thomas WoodAdd some items to the combobox
2010-03-31 Thomas WoodIncrease spacing around and between the children
2010-03-31 Thomas WoodAdd a child to the expander
2010-03-25 Thomas WoodFix for API changes and set y-fill to FALSE
2010-02-26 Thomas WoodFill out the code!
2010-02-26 Thomas WoodFix some build variables
2010-02-26 Thomas WoodFirst commit
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