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2014-03-13 Markus SchabelSet default language for MCU List enumeration. master 1
2013-08-12 Paul FleischerCreate new feature (version which is not depen...
2013-05-28 Paul FleischerBump feature version to
2013-05-28 Paul FleischerFix #107 "Internal Error when not selecting an MSPDebug...
2013-05-28 Paul FleischerFix #115 "Not all mspdebug drivers are supported"
2013-04-23 Paul FleischerDon't add libgmp and friends as they aren't needed.
2012-11-18 Paul FleischerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-18 Paul FleischerAdd a make wrapper for Windows, which unsets PATH
2012-09-14 Paul FleischerChange tool building script to fix #104: Create msp430...
2012-09-14 Paul FleischerFix #103: Change order of parameters for the linker
2012-09-14 Paul FleischerAdd the possibility to select USB device to program.
2012-09-03 Paul FleischerAdd some debugging info to mspdebug and bump version... v1.0.5.1
2012-09-02 Paul FleischerBump version to and add update-site
2012-09-01 Paul FleischerFix #100: Add support for tilib driver
2012-09-01 Paul FleischerResolve #96: Fix MCU selection when creating a new...
2012-09-01 Paul FleischerFix a minor bug with no output from mspdebug
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