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2011-08-12 Paul FleischerAdd support for ADC in Comm module and Interactive... master
2011-07-10 Paul FleischerFix a bug in the SPI wiring help message,
2011-07-10 Paul FleischerCall StopSampling from a new thread rather than the...
2011-07-10 Paul FleischerAdded missing assemby
2011-07-10 Paul FleischerAdd possibility to enter baudrate and improvement of...
2011-07-10 Paul FleischerRemoved old MSP430Toolbox project
2011-07-08 Paul FleischerAdd some (non-working) code for the RFM12B-S
2011-07-08 Paul FleischerSlightly change the way InteractiveTool is stopped.
2011-06-30 Paul FleischerFirst attempt at SPI master mode
2011-06-30 Paul FleischerAdd Interactive SPI mode (Slave only)
2011-06-29 Paul FleischerFix digital interactive commands by adding result values
2011-06-28 Paul FleischerAdded the beginning of an interactive tool
2011-06-28 Paul FleischerMinor SPIToolWidget layout improvement
2011-06-28 Paul FleischerAdd support for ChipSelect in SPITool
2011-06-27 Paul FleischerAdd a little help message regarding SPITool and its...
2011-06-27 Paul FleischerAdded functionality to the SPITool and SPIToolWidget
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