last changeFri, 13 Nov 2009 22:59:10 +0000 (17:59 -0500)
2009-11-13 David F. Carlsonrename of hhtech_gpio to smartQ to hold "all things... smartq-s3c
2009-11-13 David F. CarlsonMerge and rename into smartQ.h
2009-08-20 YouShengBetter compatibility with some memory chips
2009-08-20 YouShengApply cpufreq patch from gqwang
2009-07-21 YouShengApply smartq patch master
2009-07-21 YouShengApply samsung kernel patch
2009-01-06 Ralf BaechleMIPS: Only write c0_framemask on CPUs which have this...
2008-12-19 David DaneyMIPS: MIPS64R2: Fix buggy __arch_swab64
2008-12-18 David DaneyMIPS: Fix preprocessor warnings flaged by GCC 4.4
2008-12-11 David DaneyMIPS: Add missing calls to plat_unmap_dma_mem.
2008-12-10 David DaneyMIPS: Use EI/DI for MIPS R2.
2008-12-05 Nick AndrewMIPS: Fix incorrect use of loose in vpe.c
2008-12-04 David DaneyMIPS: Return ENOSYS from sys32_syscall on 64bit kernels...
2008-12-03 Ralf BaechleMIPS: 64-bit: vmsplice needs to use the compat wrapper...
2008-12-03 Ralf BaechleMIPS: o32: Fix number of arguments to splice(2).
2008-11-25 Vlad MalovMIPS: Fix potential DOS by untrusted user app.
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