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2014-05-13 tilly-QMade it so that admins or moderators only would see... master
2014-05-13 tilly-QAdded a line to the readme
2014-05-13 tilly-QRemoved unused imports and removed development only...
2014-05-13 tilly-QAdded a link to the manage feature screen in the dropdo...
2014-05-13 tilly-QAdded the new plugin I've been working at all summer...
2014-05-13 tilly-QMerge branch 'template_hooks_for_moderation'
2014-05-13 tilly-QMerge branch 'permission_scheme'
2014-05-05 Jessica TallonAdd lib64/ directory to .gitignore file.
2014-05-01 tilly-QMerge branch 'permission_scheme' of permission_scheme
2014-05-01 tilly-QChanged the default permission scheme to be the same...
2014-04-29 tilly-QAdded new template hooks to allow for plugin-added... template_hooks_for_moderation
2014-04-28 tilly-QFixed some minor whitespace issues
2014-04-28 tilly-QIn this commit I made it so that each deployment can...
2014-04-10 Christopher... Adding Berker to the AUTHORS list
2014-04-10 Berker PeksagIssue #686: Create User.url_for_self() method.
2014-04-10 Berker PeksagIssue #824: Add gmg deletemedia command.
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