last changeThu, 27 Dec 2012 19:34:35 +0000 (20:34 +0100)
2012-12-27 Stephan LinzPrepare 2012.12 master v2012.12
2012-12-17 Stephan LinzPrepare 2012.12-rc1 v2012.12-rc1
2012-08-06 Stephan Linzworkspace: remove useless download.bin generations
2012-08-06 Stephan Linzworkspace: rename ?lmb_ctrl to ?lmb_cntlr
2012-08-04 Stephan Linzworkspace: adapt to new PERIPH_TYPE_OVERRIDES
2012-07-26 Stephan Linztpos: device-tree: use overrides for SPI Flash setup
2012-07-26 Stephan Linztpos: device-tree: use overrides for I2C/RTC setup
2012-07-26 Stephan Linztpos: device-tree: use overrides for PHY setup
2012-07-26 Stephan Linztpos: device-tree: protect interrupt fetch
2012-07-26 Stephan Linztpos: fix typo on SPI interrupt source number
2012-07-26 Stephan Linztpos: device-tree: remove wrong vi swap file
2012-07-25 Stephan Linzmbref: add software Makefile extensions
2012-07-25 Stephan Linztpos: device-tree: add parser for I2C/RTC parameters
2012-07-25 Stephan Linztpos: device-tree: support MHS connected interrupt...
2012-07-23 Stephan Linztpos: xl-boot: switch of all caches on startup
2012-07-23 Stephan Linztpos: xl-boot: fix header inclusion order
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4 years ago v2012.06-rc1 mbref version 2012.06-rc1
4 years ago v2011.12 mbref version 2011.12
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5 years ago v2011.01 MBRef Release 2011.01
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