last changeSun, 11 Sep 2011 11:28:14 +0000 (13:28 +0200)
2011-09-11 Sebastian Olivafixing the submit script master
2011-08-18 Sebastian Olivamultiprofiles and admin area working
2011-07-19 Sebastian Olivaworking multiple profiles
2011-07-15 Sebastian Olivaadded change for new array format
2011-07-14 Sebastian Olivafixed routes issue with /json and /profile.icc
2011-07-14 Sebastian Olivaremoving reference to console
2011-07-12 Sebastian Olivaadded README
2011-07-12 Sebastian Olivaall basic features (search, browsing, profile downloads...
2011-07-11 Sebastian Olivafixes to profile class' storage of keys
2011-07-10 Sebastian Olivaworking upload, display of profiles and selector
2011-07-09 Sebastian Olivaworking upload of profiles and profile page info
2011-07-08 Sebastian Olivaworking main page selector
2011-07-08 Sebastian Olivafixed a missing ]
2011-07-08 Sebastian Olivastill some work on the selector missing
2011-07-08 Sebastian Olivareadying the style of the selector of the index page
2011-07-07 Sebastian Olivachanged name of the init script from __init__ to colors
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