last changeThu, 8 Dec 2011 16:42:11 +0000 (10:42 -0600)
2011-12-08 Grant AustinCreated a new player class and extended master
2011-12-08 Grant AustinPatched HumanPlayer instead of doing using the non...
2011-12-07 Grant AustinLast tweaks.
2011-12-07 Grant AustinAn additional test case for Turn.
2011-12-07 Grant AustinDelete games with either a rake generated cron file or
2011-12-07 Grant AustinVictory. (Informative. I know.)
2011-12-07 Grant AustinUse characters for marks all the way down to the disk...
2011-12-06 Grant AustinWIP - Yes, I still use git like svn.
2011-12-05 Grant AustinAdd getter for strategy, so we can fully serialize...
2011-12-05 Grant AustinAdded additional 'New Game' buttons for different game...
2011-12-05 Grant AustinUse player factory instead of weird Turn method.
2011-12-05 Grant AustinPlayer factory is now a static method.
2011-12-05 Grant AustinSetting a player's opponent now sets the opponent's...
2011-12-05 Grant AustinTypo
2011-12-05 Grant AustinFixed a board test that broke sometime ago.
2011-12-05 Grant AustinAdded new game button to complete game screen.
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