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last changeFri, 21 Dec 2012 13:17:58 +0000 (14:17 +0100)
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'release/2.4.4' master
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenGitorious 2.4.4 v2.4.4
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenUpgrade Paperclip dependency to fix failing avatars
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenFix link to missing translation
2012-12-13 Marius MathiesenFix a misleading comment in gitorious.sample.yml
2012-12-12 Marius MathiesenUse correct sphinx syntax in generated tag links
2012-12-06 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'release/2.4.3' into next
2012-12-06 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'release/2.4.3'
2012-12-06 Marius MathiesenGitorious 2.4.3 v2.4.3
2012-11-30 Marius MathiesenAdd an index of feed_items' event_id column
2012-11-29 Marius MathiesenSupport a remote redis server when sending messages...
2012-11-29 Marius MathiesenRevert "Support a remote redis server when sending...
2012-11-29 Marius MathiesenSupport a remote redis server when sending messages...
2012-11-28 Marius MathiesenRe-enable re-posting of repo creation messages
2012-11-28 Marius MathiesenRe-introduce keyword search
2012-11-27 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'release/2.4.2' into next
3 years ago v2.4.4 Minor bug fixes
3 years ago v2.4.3 Gitorious 2.4.3
3 years ago v2.4.2 Fix a bug which caused Projects...
3 years ago v2.4.1 Fix a bug which would keep push...
3 years ago v2.4.0 Unvendored Rails, changed search...
3 years ago v2.3.2 Resolve issue with an older databas...
3 years ago v2.3.1 Gitorious CLI scripts, unicorn...
3 years ago v2.3.0 Kerberos, custom hooks, diagnostics...
4 years ago v2.2.1 Makes the sync adapter work again
4 years ago v2.2.0 Private repositories, site-level...
4 years ago v2.1.1 Resolve a potential vulnerability...
4 years ago v2.1.0 Graphs, HTTP API, blame, improved...
4 years ago v2.0.2 Patches a XSS vulnerability
4 years ago v2.0.1 New messaging API, pagination impro...
4 years ago v2.0.0 First versioned version of Gitorious
5 years ago test-tag
3 years ago next
3 years ago master
3 years ago feature/gts3-ui
3 years ago gitorious/feature/rails
3 years ago feature/rails3
3 years ago feature/permission-update-script
3 years ago migration_fix
3 years ago feature/rails-upgrade
3 years ago dolt-integration
3 years ago features/ldap_authorization
3 years ago features/multiple_roots
4 years ago features/update-execption-notification
4 years ago private-repos
4 years ago self-diagnostics
4 years ago features/cluster-support
4 years ago torque-messaging