last changeThu, 23 Sep 2010 02:10:08 +0000 (04:10 +0200)
2010-09-23 Adrian PerezRelease v0.1 master v0.1
2010-09-23 Adrian PerezDebian packaging files
2010-09-23 Adrian PerezAdd README file to repository
2010-09-23 Adrian PerezDo not set the hint for skipping the taskbar
2010-09-23 Adrian PerezZero-pad gadgets in panel
2010-09-23 Adrian PerezUse GTK_WINDOW_POPUP for calendar in clock gadget
2010-09-22 Adrian PerezRemoved hardcoded monospaced font for launcher
2010-09-22 Adrian PerezCode cleanup, mainly styling and naming issues
2010-09-22 Adrian PerezImplement simple CLI-like overlay launcher
2010-09-21 Adrian PerezRealize window before interning atoms and setting prope...
2010-09-21 Adrian PerezChange geometry/strut when monitor layout changes
2010-09-21 Adrian PerezPass only ggtraybar_t struct to some functions
2010-09-21 Adrian PerezShow only date in clock gadget tooltip
2010-09-21 Adrian PerezUpdate clock label only every 15 seconds
2010-09-21 Adrian PerezAdd clock gadget tooltip showing current date
2010-09-20 Adrian PerezCast to (const guchar*) when setting X properties
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