last changeTue, 29 Sep 2009 22:39:35 +0000 (18:39 -0400)
2009-09-29 Spencer Russellworked on gui layout master
2009-09-29 Spencer Russelladded waveshape functionality to PD object
2009-09-29 Spencer Russellimproved Pd gui abstraction, fixed crash with multiple...
2009-09-29 Spencer Russelladded PD gui abstraction, better logging
2009-09-29 Spencer Russellwaveform display seems stable
2009-09-29 Spencer Russellimplemented basic waveform viewing
2009-09-28 Spencer Russellwaveform display should be implemented, not working yet
2009-09-28 Spencer Russelladded basic buffer initialization structure
2009-09-28 Spencer Russelladded helpfile, fixed to compile
2009-09-26 Spencer Russellmore fixes to get_wave_data call
2009-09-26 Spencer Russellswapped spaces for tabs
2009-09-26 Spencer Russellsome compile-time typos/mistakes
2009-09-26 Spencer Russelluncertain
2009-09-26 Spencer Russellfixed-up copy waveform function
2009-09-26 Spencer Russellrefactored center_breakpoints and did minor fixes
2009-09-26 Spencer Russellminor bugfixes to remove_breakpoint
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