last changeTue, 14 Feb 2012 18:07:54 +0000 (12:07 -0600)
2012-02-14 David SinMerge branch 'p-android-omap-3.0' of git://git.omapzoom... master
2012-02-14 Dan MurphyMerge branch 'linux-3.0.21' into p-android-omap-3.0
2012-02-14 Lajos MolnarOMAPDSS: DSS: Fix wait_for_go support on mgr->blank...
2012-02-14 Lajos MolnarOMAPDSS: DSS: Complete callbacks on mgr->blank if not...
2012-02-14 Lajos MolnarOMAPFB: Do not suspend on FB BLANK, instead disable...
2012-02-14 David Singccore: remove local gccore header
2012-02-13 David Singccore: do not expose private functions to client.
2012-02-13 David Sinomaplfb: modification to support gcbv name changes.
2012-02-13 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.0.21
2012-02-13 David Singccore: remove semaphore that causes kernel client...
2012-02-13 David Singcbv: gcbv update to support kernel clients.
2012-02-13 David Singcioctl: we should not pass phys mem info from user...
2012-02-13 David Singccore: init physical mem params for kernel clients
2012-02-13 David Singcioctl: add physical page count/array
2012-02-13 David Singccore: set all context IDs to zero
2012-02-13 David Singccore: get rid of g_context after moving find_context...
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