last changeThu, 12 Jul 2012 19:30:53 +0000 (19:30 +0000)
2012-07-12 jkimMerge OpenSSL 1.0.1c. master
2012-07-12 impThis file is no longer AT91RM9200 specific, but now...
2012-07-12 impRemember where we found the DBGU and use that for our...
2012-07-12 eadlerDocument the behavior of mount with failok specified.
2012-07-12 impFix whitespace divot.
2012-07-12 impComplete the transition away from newbus to populate...
2012-07-12 gavinUpdate for new core team. Looks like this file was...
2012-07-12 bruefferAdd and utilize defines for the ATA device register.
2012-07-12 bruefferDocument the sysctl/tunable changes in r238379 and...
2012-07-12 mmChange behavior introduced in r237119 to vendor solution
2012-07-12 impCreate the children devices for the SoC in atmelarm...
2012-07-12 impExport the interrupt status vector via soc_data. Set...
2012-07-11 bruefferApply similar same change as in r238379:
2012-07-11 jkimMerge ACPICA 20120711.
2012-07-11 bruefferRenamed the sysctl and...
2012-07-11 pfgRe-merge a couple of changes from NetBSD's libedit.
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