last changeWed, 14 Sep 2011 20:13:10 +0000 (20:13 +0000)
2011-09-14 bruefferMinor spelling, wording and punctuation fixes in comments. master svn_trunk
2011-09-14 tuexenEnsure that 1-to-1 style SCTP sockets can only be conne...
2011-09-14 hselaskyReduce USB memory usage during enumeration.
2011-09-14 tuexenFix the handling of the flowlabel and DSCP value in...
2011-09-13 bruefferAllow WPA PSKs up to 63 characters, the max length...
2011-09-13 gavinInclude descriptions for keymaps missing from INDEX...
2011-09-13 rmacklemModify vfs_register() to use a hash calculation
2011-09-13 bruefferFix typos in error messages.
2011-09-13 bruefferFix csup to allow case insensitive server names in...
2011-09-13 kibDo not try to change the mode or ownership of the root...
2011-09-13 bruefferImprove the sleep_delay sysctl description by specifyin...
2011-09-13 davidch- Fix compiler warning in ADD_64() macro.
2011-09-13 avgzfs boot subroutines: correctly specify type of an...
2011-09-13 avggpt/zfs boot blocks: reduce optimizing CFLAGS to -O1
2011-09-13 avgzfstest: cleanup the code, improve functionality and...
2011-09-13 pluknetUpdate
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