last changeTue, 8 Jun 2010 09:52:33 +0000 (21:52 +1200)
2010-06-08 Brenda Wallacemade perl script executable master
2010-06-08 Brenda WallaceMerge commit 'upstream/master'
2010-05-04 Dave HansenAdd firmware fetch perl script
2009-08-08 Brenda Wallaceignore compliled app br3nda working-2009
2009-08-08 Brenda Wallaceignore *.o
2009-03-26 Nathan Summers64-bit fixes
2009-03-26 Nathan SummersSupport for 40-bit WEP keys.
2009-03-26 Nathan SummersAdded dependencies on eyefi-config.h
2009-03-26 Dave Hansenfix gcc warning
2009-02-17 Dave HansenDon't clobber password.
2009-02-05 Dave HansenMake network scan list a bit cleaner.
2009-02-05 Dave HansenReplace O_DIRECT with posix_fadvise(). This is easier...
2008-12-18 Dave HansenAdd some new WEP code and some experimental non-working
2008-08-15 Dave Hansenprefix the network types with NET_
2008-07-13 Dave Hansenmore portability improvements
2008-07-12 Dave HansenAdd support for other operating systems:
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