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2012-11-12 ChimoBookmark support, fixed a few styling issues. master
2012-11-11 ChimoDon't run JS if shift or ctrl is pressed on click
2012-11-11 ChimoMake JS fetch PHP generated HTML
2012-11-10 ChimoProper handling of non-existant or deleted notices
2012-11-10 ChimoTabs to spaces
2012-11-10 ChimoAdds '/embed/12345' for non-JS embed.
2012-11-02 ChimoMake the README useful
2012-11-02 ChimoMake it work on single-notice pages
2012-10-25 ChimoAdd title to dialog
2012-10-25 ChimoTriangle separator between author and addressees
2012-10-19 ChimoAdd files to repo
2012-10-19 ChimoInitial commit
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