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2012-08-13 Daniel DehenninRework timing of french first 15 minutes: avoid short... master resync
2012-08-12 Daniel DehenninLast fixes, I hope ;-)
2012-08-12 Daniel DehenninLittle typo in french sub and replace *something* with...
2012-08-12 Daniel DehenninAdd License and gratitude notice for english subtitles
2012-08-12 Daniel DehenninAdd licence and gratitude notices
2012-08-12 Daniel DehenninFix timing of the last couple of sentences.
2012-08-12 Daniel DehenninAdd missing sentence point
2012-08-12 Daniel DehenninFrench timechecking, plus some corrections and rewords
2012-08-10 Daniel DehenninDelete all translator notes from french subtitles
2012-08-07 Daniel DehenninBunch of corrections of french translation after vision...
2012-08-07 Daniel DehenninFix timing of entry number 842: it was begining after...
2012-08-07 Daniel DehenninReplace missnamed Socks by Salks and fix french transla...
2012-08-07 Daniel DehenninMake all "Suckerberg" became « Suceurberg », first...
2012-08-07 Daniel DehenninReplace all double quotes with french style quoting
2012-08-07 Daniel DehenninFix for french spacing rules before ponctuations
2012-08-07 Daniel DehenninReplace single quotes with french apostrophe
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