last changeThu, 6 Dec 2012 16:09:40 +0000 (18:09 +0200)
2012-12-06 Mikko GyntherChanging low-pass frequency based on detected note master
2012-12-06 Mikko GyntherFixed background missing when toggling debug
2012-12-06 Mikko GyntherUsing multiple autocorrelation values in note detection
2012-11-10 Mikko GyntherMajor display simplification and optimisation for bette...
2012-10-20 Mikko GyntherUsing cubic interpolation for better accuracy
2012-09-22 Mikko Gyntherrounded leds
2012-09-15 Mikko Gynthersimplified displaying input level
2012-09-15 Mikko Gyntherfixed broken settings
2012-09-15 Mikko Gynthergrid is scaled in one dimension to use more available...
2012-09-15 Mikko Gyntherusing anti alias in drawing background elements in...
2012-09-15 Mikko Gyntherimproved performance by calculating display values...
2012-09-10 Mikko Gynthergraphical tuning to grid
2012-09-09 Mikko Gynthercentered regular notes in display
2012-09-09 Mikko Gyntherchanged led off color to suit background better
2012-09-09 Mikko Gyntherfixed display not using full grid
2012-09-09 Mikko Gynthersmaller buffer duration for faster detection
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