last changeWed, 3 Apr 2013 18:50:34 +0000 (19:50 +0100)
2013-04-03 Mark Evensoncffi-abcl: promote :BYTE :SHORT and :WCHAR_T types... master
2013-04-03 Mark Evensoncffi-abcl: try first to load the 64bit version of libff...
2013-04-02 Luís Oliveiracffi-abcl: minor stylistic tweaks and whitespace cleanup
2013-04-02 Luís OliveiraPort release script to Lisp
2013-04-02 Luís Oliveiracffi-manual: fix bitrot related to foreign libraries
2013-03-20 Stelian IonescuGroveler: add proper OUTPUT-FILES and INPUT-FILES methods
2013-03-20 Stelian IonescuGroveler: code cleanup
2013-03-19 Stelian IonescuWhitespace
2013-03-19 Stelian IonescuABCL: nicer DEFCALLBACK expansion
2013-03-19 Stelian IonescuABCL: load contribs at compile-time
2013-02-25 Luís OliveiraAdd test exercising old-style vs new-style inner struct... v0.11.0
2013-02-24 Luís OliveiraUpdate README.
2013-02-23 Stelian Ionescutests: fix name of 32bit FSBV test library
2013-02-23 Stelian IonescuMove all warning logic back to WARN-IF-KW-OR-BELONGS...
2013-02-23 Stelian IonescuDon't warn if we name FFI types using symbols in packag...
2013-02-23 Stelian Ionescumanual: use explicit struct types
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