last changeFri, 9 Sep 2011 13:44:48 +0000 (15:44 +0200)
2011-09-09 Gaute HopeAssure changes from other pde's are rebuilt master
2011-09-09 Gaute HopeDefine GIT_SHA as 7 digit short of current GIT_SHA
2011-09-08 Gaute HopeCustomized for Atmega 2560
2011-09-02 pisztrang5MCU and F_CPU command line parameters
2011-09-02 gsyvicgenerate function prototypes
2011-09-02 Geoff Lawlerallow libraries that don't follow standard format.
2011-06-15 ff4500@gmail.comreverted mistake in gathering libraries.
2011-06-15 ff4500@gmail.comBetter output messages.
2011-03-31 ff4500Fixed to found includes with double quotes
2011-03-31 ff4500Fixed to don't check ARDUINO_PORT has value. It was...
2011-03-20 ff4500Added Windows support.
2010-10-19 ff4500utility folder bug fix. thanks mwessel
2010-10-19 ff4500comment out -auto- gathering raw sources in sketch...
2010-10-04 ff4500fix to choose proper AVR_BIN_PREFIX and AVRDUDE_CONF...
2010-09-30 ff4500fix wrong grammar in comment.
2010-09-30 ff45001. add Mac port, Arduino-0020 support and bugfix
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